Thursday, February 15, 2007

Official Statement

The Las Vegas Money, their owner, Jere, and team president, also Jere, do not condone the recent statements of former player Tim Hardaway, who stated that he hates gay people. Mr. Hardaway is no longer welcome at any reunions, or in the Money family in general. Terrible job, Tim. Grow the F up.

[The Las Vegas Money was my fantasy basketball team in high school, from 1989-1992. The first season consisted of my Money, Mike (the pitcher in the basement league video)'s Dynamite, Pat(my 10-game plan partner at Fenway)'s Spolars, and Casey's short-lived Coneheads, who didn't make it through year one. Season two saw the fall of the Spolars--leading to a huge problem: Who gets Jordan?--and the addition of city names, with my Money going to Las Vegas, and Mike's Dynamite squad taking up roots in Memphis. My team's slogan that year was "Makin' More Money in '90-'91ey." I witnessed (if only in boxscores) the play of Michael Adams of the Nuggets that year, and let me tell you: Underrated. Our league was weighted toward three-pointers, and that guy shot them more often than he did free throws. I just looked it up, and my memory is right: 564 threes attempted that season. I probably haven't shot that many threes in all my years of playground ball combined. Needless to say, fantasy leagues were way cooler back then. I guess I grew up in the "walked ten miles through snow, uphill both ways" days of fantasy sports. But my achilles heel will always be that I absolutely refuse to pick players from my rival teams. I don't know how anyone can! Terrible job, America. As usual. When somebody's sitting next to me at Fenway, and they say, "It's okay if A-Rod gets a hit, he's on my fantasy team," my response is, "I hope you die."]

I have an easy solution to that issue:
I've played for years in an NL-only Rotisserie league. It was formed by Sox and Yank fans specifically to avoid that problem. And it's a great way to really get to know and follow the Senior Circuit...makes NL games a lot of fun for us.
Wow. Good call. Maybe in my league, using your system, I could call the pitchers "DH"s.
Ah, the Paul Westhead Nuggest. I remember Michael Adams and Orlando Woolridge being fantasy gods.
Yes! Adams actually outscored O that year! But I had both! I was a big fan of his as he was on the Nets when I was very little, with Otis Birdsong, Sugar Ray Richardson, Buck, G-Man, etc.

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