Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Not A Household Name

I just assumed everyone knew who Don Orsillo was. But just now, I had ESPNews on, and they went to live bonus coverage of the last few seconds of a Providence basketball game, and the anchor gave the name of the announcers. "Now we throw it out to so-and-so and Don OR-sa-low." I was only flipping by, and I'd already hit the channel up button, but my brain processed "OR-sal-low" just before moving on to the next sound it heard, so I went back, and sure enough, it was Don. (He was a little premature with his "and the Friars will win" call, but he turned out to be right.)

Here I'm acting like people should all know his name, and I didn't even realize he announced Providence basketball...

And the accent was on the FIRST syllable? Wow....wake up guys!
Thanks Jere...enjoy hump day. P
The announcer must have picked it up from Buck Martinez, who insists on calling Big Papi "David OR-teez".
I remember that from Jays-Sox EI games last year!
Did he say "outstanding" or "full bore"?

(Hi, Laura!)

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