Friday, February 09, 2007

None For The Thumb

Raissman makes a good point about the Yanks' manager situation, considering George doesn't really want Torre any more, and the NL manager of the year will be in the Hell, No booth:
Girardi is in a difficult spot. If he does not question a failed Torre strategy, he will be ripped for not doing his job. And if Girardi does take issue with Torre, he will be seen as an opportunist looking to become the Yanks' manager. Isn't Mattingly, who will be Torre's bench coach, supposed to be the heir apparent? How long before some reporter goes to him - or Torre - to ask his opinion about a critical piece of Girardi "analysis"?

That's two posts in a row mentioning Mattingly for me. Third time's a charm--or, in Don's case, just another time without a charm. Ouch! Those poor cursed Yankees. You know, it's really their Puritan work ethic and those harsh Westchester County winters--it's almost like they want to lose year after year...

For anyone who reads that and says, "Look at this Red Sox fan--he's turned into a Yankee fan," well, you've missed the point of this entire blog. Also, you have difficulty understanding jokes, parody, sarcasm, irony, and all the other things that make this hemisphere the best hemisphere in the world.
Jere, I though your post was as plain as day! Maybe because I'm a relatively smart Sox fan? Who knows? You are a never-ending source for smiles! At least for me. MVP type, if I may say. Have a great weekend. I hope I'm in the Top 5.....

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