Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mel And Damon

Damon continues to make a fool of himself. (And who is Mike Myers to talk about any of this stuff?)

If Damon does great for the entire four years, then we can sit here feeling bad that he's gone, especially if we don't get a lot of production out of Coco. But did anyone notice Johnny's average dropped 30 points last season? Oh right, batting average doesn't count anymore. Well, it does to me. His slugging went up, but that's because Vic Tayback, "Mel" from TV's Alice, could hit a home run to the short porch at Yankee Stadium. And he's dead.

"Long Hair, Nice Charm, a 6th Grade Girl's Arm, You're Just Juan Damon To Me":

"Loren & Wally" on WROR-FM, Boston, composed that ditty, sung to "It's Just Rock & Roll To Me";

It'll deploy using Quicktime.
Jere, more importantly, the ESPN radio lead story was..........I am so upset......go to my blog, and I hope I misheard. And with comment mod., you can just delete this...I needed for you to see this. NOW.. F them ( the Sox FO)...if it's true.
Peter, this was discussed in my previous post below, with link to article from this morning.

I personally don't think they'rre doing anything wrong. It's just the same old story. Same thing with Mo Rivera and Pedro and everyone else: Their agents tell them to come out and say Oh I want this and this and watch out or I'll... show me some respect dammit! That's why I was saying no one should be allowed to talk about contract stuff in public, it's so stupid. They can't go and sign and old guy like that, they have to see how he does this year. I think that's fine.
Damon really needed to STFU about the Sox a very long time ago, but he did have a very strong overall season in the Bronx last year. And his slugging % really wasn't a function of the short porch; it actually was significantly higher on the road than at Yankee Stadium, largely because he hit a ton more doubles on the road. He had 13 hrs at the Stadium, and 11 on the road...pretty even.

That said, I still expect him to start to decline significantly; maybe not in '07, but likely over '08/'09.
Nice shoutout to Vic Tayback, BTW. Kiss my grits!
And we lost DJ today...Dennis Johnson....another part of me and my 80s is gone.........
I was just writing about this when you commented. See above.

No problem re: Tayback.
Kiss my grits was a Flo-ism. Mel was famous for his use of "Dingy" (namely to Vera) and "dumb broad." He was also big on telling people to "stow it."

I loved how mad he got when Alice would try to get singing gigs at lounge bars. He hated her "moonlighting."

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