Thursday, February 15, 2007

Laffy McRoll'em

Nice article about Dicey Jones. I am getting so psyched for this dude. All signs point to him pitching his first Fenway game on April 11th, which I have tickets for.

From the article:

I would like my first batter, if he is listening, please try and not hit the ball.

Nice! I hope he's listening. The rest of the article gives a sense of what a funny guy Daisuke is. And he says he either will or will not throw the existing or non-existing Gyroball, as well as a knuckler. For all the writers that are ready to run him out of town for no reason, consider just quitting right now. We don't need you. Give the guy a chance. It seems the media is liking him, and we'll hope it stays that way. And for those Sox fans who are just discovering the team's internet presence, you're gonna see a big, pretty USA Today-ish site called boston dirt dogs, and you're gonna feel the pressure to spew out his ideas as your own, to be cool or whatever. Just consider getting the facts first and forming your own opinions. That site doesn't know any more than any other one.

Daisuke, in a nutshell, is A FUNNY guy...and I too am so excited! That second home game of 2007 will be one to remember...hope you're going!!!!
And he also said the first pitch will be a fastball.

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