Sunday, February 18, 2007

Keith Foulke

Keith says goodbye:

In honor of Keith, who has officially retired, here's video I shot of him here in NYC in September 2005. After this, he came outside and hung out on the sidewalk, talking with Reb and I, and just generally being a really fan-friendly type of dude. No "rush to the limo" for Foulke.

Even if he hadn't been so nice to us, that wouldn't have changed the fact that I'm eternally grateful to this man for, you know, that other thing. And by other thing I mean greatest comeback in baseball history and all of us finally getting to see the Boston Red Sox win the World Series. (As of this minute, I still haven't woken up to discover it was all a dream, so as far as I know, it really happened!) Thanks, Keith.


I think you have some trouble,as when I tried to see the video, this came on the screen: "This video is no longer available."
Quinn--I just put it up. It usually takes a few minutes to work. Check back in a few. Thanks.
It's working now.
i remember seeing pics of this, but didn't know there was video. cool.
Got a chance to see it. Thanks for the email, Jere. Cool to see Keith waving to you guys and that he acted like a regular guy later on...May God bless him in retirement!!
Yeah, I was videotaping all night, while also taking pics of Reb with practically the whole team.

There's lots of other great stuff on the video, but much of it occurs while I'm holding the camera at my hip, so all you see is the ground. I think I'll add a link to the original post with my video stills.
The video is from the famous (to me!) trip that Jere and Reb (oh where is she?) took into the city and met up with the team at their hotel. And yes Jere, more than anyone, he should have been MVP of the '04 Series. Manny should have won the most dramatic award, what with his antics in the outfield. But Keith Foulke got ALL the final outs! I hope we have someone who will do that exact thing this year. We've got talent, that's for sure. Bye. And those pics must bring back some great memories. They do for me!
Yes, good memories indeed. Note: Reb came into the city--I was already living here.

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