Friday, February 16, 2007

It Effing Begins

When I told writers to lay off Dice-K yesterday, I almost thought I was kidding--meaning, why should I have to say that? Who'd have anything bad to say about the guy yet? Silly me--in my boycott of bostonshittydirtshittydogs, I never see what the slugmaster does unless I absolutely have to through following links, just to see what someone's talking about. Sure enough, BDD has already taken the "Dice is fat" angle in his journalism.

I only know this because I was looking at, uh, a major sports website, and saw an article saying, basically, "Dice is fat." It links to some kid's new Red Sox blog. After clicking there, we find out that he's just (admittedly) repeating something dirt dick said: "Dice is fat."

1. He's not fat.

2. Terrible job by dirt dog for having nothing else to say about our nice, funny, new pitcher but "look, he's chubby!"

3. Terrible job by that kid for having nothing else to say but something that he got from BDD.

4. Terrible job by, all right, it's deadspin, for taking what some dude who's been blogging for a month said, that wasn't even his own opinion, but came directly from "I know my name is Steven" Silva, and making it into an entire post.

So I think my boycott will extend out a little further now. No need to go to BDD, ever, but we've known that for quite some time. But I think it's just better for my health if I avoid most internet Red Sox articles. Fat chance, but I have to give it try. It just makes me too angry reading all the lies and rumors. Think about it, when is it the most fun to watch the Red Sox? When you've been off the internet for a few days. That way, there could be some stupid made up Manny talk or whatever, but just watching the games, you'd never know it.

Jere, I sent a nastygram about that headline yesterday and they responded by basically saying "boston dirt dogs isn't for everyone, try reading our 'regular' sports coverage instead".
And as far as Deadspin goes, when the bloom has been off that rose for a while.
That's really funny that they told you that. More like "isn't for anyone" at this poiint.
And when I said "internet articles," I meant stupid columns, not friends' blogs!
And BDD is certainly "one of those" blogs that sometimes insults all of us honest and nice Sox bloggers! Sometimes SG, too! But they mean well..most of 'em...but a small percentage of the commenters there (not you Beaz) are very mean. Have a great weekend Jere....

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