Friday, February 09, 2007

I Get It!

Got a single gray today. More new ticket pics. One closeup of Manny at a home night game in '06 doing a double-point. One b&w of Boomer Scott in a spring training shot. Then it hit me: Current players, plus the '67 outfield, and now George Scott. 1967. 2007. This is all part of the 40th anniversary of the Impossible Dream season. I searched the team site, and saw, buried in an article mainly about Mike Lowell, a blurb about how excited Russ Gibson is about getting to reunite with some of his old teammates this season. So we'll see what they do for those guys and when. We are playing Minnesota on the final weekend, like in '67. You normally put those celebrations in mid-season, though.

If you're a young Sox fan, and your parents clearly haven't done their job, look into the history of the 1967 Red Sox. Tonight, I clicked on the Franchise Timeline on Having studied this team my entire life, reading the same historical facts and stats and boxscores and stories over and over again, I'm still used to the main fact about the Sox being "all those years in a row without winning." It's surreal to click on a Red Sox timeline, and see the main description of the team as "2004 World Champions." Like, here's this team that won in this incredible way, just recently, and, also, the rest of their history. It's an actual example of a dream come true.

Last weekend I was interviewed for a documentary on the 1967 Red Sox that will be shown on NESN and at Fenway in April. It was a fabulous team that put the Red Sox back on the map, and it was the birth of "Red Sox Nation." It was such a pleasure to be interviewed for it, and I am going to post something about it on my blog soon.
Congrats on that gig! You can't top that performance in the Tower Records channel 9 story, but I'm sure you tried your best:)

I'll be watching for you. Hey, if you say it'll be shown at Fenway (I assume you mean on the scoreboard), does that mean that's when the actual ceremony for the '67 squad will be? Or is the doc separate from a team-sanctioned celebration?
Don't know that yet, Jere. The filmmaker believes it will be shown on the Fenway scoreboard, but the actual day he was not sure of. It maybe Opening Day or the day the 1967 club will be honored (which could also be the opener). The filmmaker's under a tight deadline to get it done. I'll let you know more when I hear something more definitive.

I'd like to think I've done better quality work on film since my Tower appearance about Howard Stern in 1985...

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