Wednesday, February 14, 2007

F All These People

Most Americans like to have it the easy way. They'd love it if there was one giant corporation that ruled every aspect of their lives. I'm not down with that. Google now owns Blogger and YouTube. And without getting into the details, everything's all fucked up. I just want you all to be able to go to a page with all my movies on there. I tried using the movie label, but that only shows back to August of '06, and there's no way to go further back. I just set up a new YouTube account, and tried making all the vids private, but the embedded versions couldn't be viewed here that way. So now they're all public again. Which gives me a greater chance of getting kicked off again. Because god forbid I put up a two second clip of Diff'rent Strokes without contatcting the ghost of Conrad Bain himself. People are greedy and horrible, and they'd rather have their creations sit unseen for eternity than have someone pay tribute to it by actually letting people see it.

And now that Blogger and YouTube are owned by the same people, who control me, talking about YouTube over here on Blogger will get me screwed over again, because one big machine monitors it all. The people of this country need to start some major boycotting. You'll have to sacrifice, but it will be worth it save our world. (Not MyWorld.)

So, go ahead, Blogger or Google or YouTube or whoever you are, punish me for the horrible, horrible crime of allowing a few hundred people to see a guy hitting a ball with a stick from 15 years ago, while you keep destroying the planet and its people. (Thanks for this free blog, though--how long til it's "Wal-Mart presents A Red Sox Fan In--we interrupt this title to tell you about Armour hot dogs, the dogs kids love to bite--Pinstripe Territory"?)

All you rich, greedy corporate people will be just as dead as me in a hundred years. I just hope you suffer way more than I do. To quote the great Soundgarden:

It wouldnt pain me more to bury you rich
Than to bury you poor

Did you get into Soundgarden because the "Seattle Media Machine" told you that they were great and that you should like them..."They're just like Nirvana! But with less chance of suicide, so there's a better chance the lead singer, after ripping off musicians a hundred times more talented for way too long, can join up with some other overrated hacks to form an even more annoying new band!" Or did you just like them on your own?

Just kidding. But seriously, Soundgarden sucks.

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