Monday, February 12, 2007


Today's the day people in Boston get to watch trucks full of equipment roll down Van Ness Street on the way to sunny Florida. While we in the New York area hear nothing like that about the Yankees, because their fans are busy watching Survivor and Deal or No Deal until someone at work tells them the playoffs have started. But we've got the internet to show us the pictures. This will take you to the gallery of this morning's thrilling events. Specifically photo number 22. Click on photo 11, and you'll notice it's the same shot as 22, but with a different caption. Dirt Dog himself took the photos. Even though someone else could have written the captions and done all the uploading and arranging (and cropping/brightening), I'd just sooner fantasize that the Silva Surfa took one too few photos to meet the quota, so he tried to fool us with the 11/22 thing. Terrible job, DD! Your first blunder of the season. I'm sure the folks that still visit your site have many more to look forward to. I hope you don't "accidentally" post pictures of a black guy getting lynched and then "accidentally" "lose" all the complaint e-mails! Good luck in '07!

For what it's worth, truck day for the Yankees was last week- it was on all the local newscasts.

Also- did Boston Dirt Dogs really do that (the lynching)? Man, that's crazy.
Well I grew up watching NY news and I didn't see dick. Yes he really did that.
Meaning, I never heard of that growing up, and if they report on it now, in my mind, it's because Steiny heard we Sox fans all care so much about it so he ordered the news to cover it
I meant this year- I've lived in Boston my whole life until moving to Hartford this year.
Well, I'm just sayin, type in "truck day" in Google and you'll see it's all Red Sox related articles, no Yankees ones, and hardly any other teams either.
I did see something in the paper about the Mets loading up a van at Shea that was heading for Florida, with Mr. Met assisting. I heard or saw absolutely nothing about the Yankees doing anything similar...
The loading of the Phillies truck made it in the Inquirer, but it's not an official day for the fans or anything.
Len Berman on Channel 4 and whoever does sports for Fox 5's 11PM news both did lead stories on Yankee truck day when it happened last week. Saw em both myself.

I doubt it got much more than the same on Boston news outlets too, though the Sox seemed to have adopted it as a tradition in the last 2 or so years.

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