Thursday, February 15, 2007


Did you know the Yanks will be wearing an arm band all season in honor of the late Cory Lidle, even though he only appeared in ten games for them? Hey, that is 3.6 percent of his total games in the majors...

Other specials at Dunbar Stadium in 2007:

Andy Stankiewicz plaque unveiled in Monument Park

I'll stop there. You all know the drill by now. It's actually funnier to just wait for the Yanks' promotional schedule to come out, and list some of those days. They provide the comedy for me with their Yankees pen lights and Don Mattingly toaster oven covers.

& A-Rod Blue Lip Gloss Night:

Trojenz will present Derek Jeter Protection Night;

Pfizer will have Giambi Syringe Night, co-presented by BALCO;

Every Time Andy Pettite Pitches, it'll be Old Timer's Night.

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