Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bullet Bob & The Rocket

I forgot all about this. Rocket Ismail stomping on some dude's head with both feet, doing more damage to himself than the other guy. And Bob Page was always the ultimate prick. Made me laugh every time, though. Enjoy. (Most of my movies are back up. Check the link at right or click the movies label at the bottom of this post or any other post you come across with a movie in it.)

Update: The basement baseball league video is back up, and now contains some bonus footage. And the "jumping of joy" line has been corrected. Click above for full story, or just watch the video here:


haha That made me laugh Nice!
Finally got the video to run. That was an awesome blast from the past. I spent many a happy hour in that basement. It was such a versatile space... baseball, FLOG, video Clue. Good times.
Suff--hope you clicked the link for the full description and diagrams from a few posts back. They did have a primo basement. I remember also slam dunking on that little basket (we could reach up and touch the ceiling back then, so the basket obviously wasn't that high). We had set plays where we'd pass the ball around, culminating in a spectacular dunk. I remember proudly showing these plays to your brother, and him deadpanning, "But you're taller than the rim."

Also, a note about the basement league that Mike (the pitcher) clued me in on. I wrote that a ball hitting the ceiling was a foul. It was actually a "ceiling." Three of those and your out. So, we'd keep track of the count: Two, one, and one.

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