Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Biblical Portions

Freader* Jason writes in with this article about David Jonathan "JD but should clearly be DJ" Drew. Do you get the feeling that lady who runs that video store in the Danbury area who puts the tinfoil pyramids on her head would like this guy?

I wonder if Drew also goes against his moral values to have a huge porn section in the back, too...


I almost posted that article for you this morning.

Certainly unorthodox, but if he feels he's getting results from it, then more power to him. What I found interesting and noteworthy is his enthusiasm and dedication to getting himself into better playing shape. He certainly comes across as anything but an apathetic 'robot' in this article.

Did you happen to see this article?:

BOSTON -- Terry Francona doesn't expect Jonathan Papelbon to move back into the bullpen, even though it would make the Boston manager's life easier.

"If I had my druthers, he would be our closer," Francona said Tuesday, a day before heading to Florida to get an early start on spring training. "It's not happening. We have to respect the medical people's advice."
Yeah, I'm glad Drew is doing stuff to attempt to improve his life/game, but we also heard Wily Mo was going to "be more patient" last offseason.

I saw those quotes in the version, which was like their top story for a while. I kept thinking about saying something, but I didn't. My one thought was--and I'm glad Tito WANTS Pap as closer, like I do--that if you think of it this way, it sounds silly, and makes me still believe my own theory that it's all BS: "We finally get an incredible closer, and wouldn't you know it, he gets injured. (But he is able to be a full-time starter.)" Silly.

Other things about this I blogged in my head (I'm glad you asked about this): The four "candidates" make me want to run to Pap--Tavarez is Tavarez, Piniero's a bum, Timlin's career is leading him away from, not toward, the ninth, and Donnely, while I'd actually be pretty okay with that, isn't exactly getting any better or younger lately.
Well, Wily Mo was more patient in 2006. He had a modest increase in his walk rate, a decrease in his strikeout rate, and a 44 point increase in his on-base %. And, of course, he was still only 24 years old...

And I still say Devern Hansack for Closer.

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