Sunday, February 11, 2007


I'm lovin' this Bernie thing. The Yanks drew up a minor-league--non guaranteed, mind you--contract on a napkin for the guy, as a reward for 16 years of service, and let's just say Bernie's a little pissed right now. I love how he refers to the Yankees as "that team" in the article. This is fun.

Meanwhile, my mom, a Blue Devil, is psyched for this dude, Central Connecticut State alum Bary Hertzler.

CCSC......just a few miles away!!!!
Or is it was the former in my glory days of loving it there!
Oh, those cold, heartless Yankees, treating a longtime loyal "gamer" so cruelly and callously!

In reality, of course, they're only doing what they have to do. Bernie has a huge fork sticking out of his back, and would be a big liability to them if they guaranteed him a roster spot. But it's still nice to see them get blasted for it, after all the ink spilled over the years on how cold the Sox are every time they part ways with somebody whose skills are eroded.

Happy Truck Day!

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