Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aw, Man

DJ died. He was my favorite Celtic. You may be saying, But Jerry, you didn't even like the Celtics! First of all, it's Jere, and second of all, well, no, I didn't--DJ was the only one I liked. Hence, my "favorite Celtic." I grew up a Nets fan, but I totally rooted for the flashy Lakers over the "now there's a haircut you can set your watch to"-ish Celts in those 80s Finals. Not like I cared either way, but, if I watched, I rooted for the more kid-friendly team to the neutral fan. (Believe you me, rooting gently for the Lakers like three times in no way made or makes me a Lakers fan. I've hated them completely for years.)

Anyway, there was something about DJ's look I always liked. Plus, 3 is my third favorite number, so...

Those teams were a joy to watch. DJ, I already miss you! He and Bird were magic together!
And now three is the LONLIEST number, at least for me. I really loved that guy, that team. The five who are now four. Thanks Jere....

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