Thursday, February 08, 2007

Astronaut-Related Pun Headline

The best coverage of the story I've seen so far.

Jere, that was great..It was so good, I had to leave her a comment! Take care, and thanks.
Q. Do you really think she tried to kill her rival?
A. Depends.
Mom, ironically, your new rival, Jon Stewart, already used that joke.
I used that same joke on my wife the other night. She didn't share my fascination with the whole diaper angle to this story; to me that sounded like a perfect built-in insanity defense. I mean, on a 12 hour drive, you're gonna have to stop for gas at least once or twice anyway, so what was she thinking with the diaper?
Conan just did an ad for "Cosmo Dipes."
And then guest Bob Cose-tass brought up the gas issue as well.

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