Monday, February 05, 2007

Always On A Steady Course

The most amazing thing happened today. You aren't going to believe this. I hope you're sitting down.

I was watching a football game on TV, and a commercial came on. There were some animals in the commercial. Okay, nothing out of the ordinary. But then, to my disbelief--and my roommate Chan can back me up on this--the animals...started talking.

Now, don't be alarmed. I don't think the animals are ready to start any kind of uprising. I have been in touch with area zoos and animalologists, and they know nothing about the phenomenon, but did say that as long as we all agree to open up a line of civil, rational discussion with the beasts, they'll probably continue to serve humans as they always have. They also suggested that these were highly trained animals, who know not what they say, or that maybe I dreamed it up.

Guess what? As it turns out, they were right. You know how I knew it was all a dream? Because between talking animal commercials, I saw Peyton Manning holding up the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

It was the end of two eras today, as I wore my new hat for the first time. It's the kind with the two socks on the front. The last one served me well, and was on my head for several life-changing moments. Here's what it looked like today, on the floor where I flipped it last night before bed:

Note: I probably wouldn't have thought to take a picture, but I saw the light hitting it and thought it looked cool. I then "posed" it, with the B facing the light, but to pretend it actually looked like that would be cheating, and would be a disservice to this honest piece of tattered headgear. So I'm only posting the "real" photo. The new one looks so blue, compared to the old faded one. I'll get used to it.

The other new era, of course, is the "proven Peyton" era. It wasn't a dream. I have to congratulate the guy. He went from Andy Kaufman's imitation of Jerry Lawlor to world champion. And, hey, this leaves A-Rod alone in the doghouse. That thought can brighten anyone's day. And you know what, screw it, here's the "posed" version of the hat. It at least shows just how big that hole in the back got:

Hey, did anyone notice the Super Bowl commercial that I randomly walked past the filming of? With the shirtless dudes?

you can see it at this link:

It's the chevrolet car wash.
Yeah, I turned on the TV this morning to find out it was the ad conceived by a college freshman, a contest winner. Weird.
My wife's ad agency created that talking lions Ricardo Montalban commercial.

That game was awful; the real Super Bowl was two weeks ago in Indy. And the Colts' real MVP last night was Rex Grossman...just like Grady Little was the Yanks' MVP in the 2003 ALCS.
"Now cracks a noble heart.
Good night, sweet honest piece of tattered headgear,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"
I actually have a cap very much like Jere's "classic", except that it's fitted and has the '2 Sox' logo on the back.

I've worn that cap to several games.
I've worn that cap on roadtrips.
I've worn that cap for several gym workouts.
I've worn that cap hiking the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion.
And I wore that cap on my honeymoon, to a soccer match in Buenos Aires, and hiking around glaciers in Argentina and Chile.

And yet, my cap looks nothing like Jere's at this point.
No Jere, I did not notice...other than the rain, it might have been one of the highlights
AJM--that's funny abou tthe hat. But about these animals. I'd really like it if your wife could tell me what's going on with that. I declared talking babies/animals dead around what had to be 1999. Yet every year I watch these Super Bowl commercials, and 60 % of companies STILL haven't been able to come up with a new idea. I'm sitting there going, Okay, come on, anything but talking animals. And there they were. I was telling Chan, it's like the new T 'n' A. Talk 'n Animals. It's ubiquitous. Is there one person left in America that's impressed by this technology?
Ok, wait. Let's be clear. You are against talking animals when it comes to commercials, but not, say, when it comes to vintage holiday specials. Right? 'Cause I could watch Rudolph talk 'til the cows come home.

I also really like Lady and the Tramp.

Yeah. That's right. I do.
Anything goes in cartoons/claymation, and I support it all. I just don't see who's still impressed by real animals appearing to talk thanks to computer-generated mouths. Real talking animals are also acceptable. Hey, if anyone's got 43 bucks burning a hole in their pocket, there's a pair of Mark Loretta's wristbands on eBay--ending soon! If I were rich, I'd get these without thinking twice. Or any other piece of Sox or interesting memorabilia. Wouldn't anyone?
Alex Cora's socks are going for about 16 bucks right now, too. I'm actually watching Cora right now, in the PR-Mex game on SNY.
Yeah, I kinda agree with you Jere, it's kinda stale at this point, but apparently live animals "talking" still tests well or something. I guess the ad did pretty well by whatever metrics they judge them on; the agency was apparently happy with it.

Fortunately, my wife works on strategic marketing, and not ads, so she had no involvement w/that commercial.
I think the first unposed picture looks better.

All I needed to see of the Superbowl was Prince. A Foo Fighters cover? I... was not expecting that.

I am the opposite of a person who hates Prince.
Jeez, I guess they must test well. Hey, can you ask your wife how that anti-marketing dollar's doin'? Smiley face.

I picture her constantly dealing with people busting into her office off the street, "Hey! Did you make that talking--" "Down the hall."

If I worked there, those ad people would never hear the end of it. And I'd be really sarcastic around them, I can assure you. And eventually, one by one, ad department members would start confiding in me: "Jason (My name is Jason in the fantasy), I can't agree with you more. It's really these few upper-level people that insist on a different animal every year. I'm so glad I finally have someone to talk to about this. Some of us are ready to revolt in there. Would you have our backs if something goes down here in the next couple weeks?"
JS: Yes, the first is better. I knew I should've just left it at that. But I figured it was my last chance to show the hole, since I knew I wouldn't be doing another dedicated hat post. Prince was really showing off on the left-hand only guitar playing. One of the only halftime shows that was ever enjoyable in any way. We are truly the greatest hemisphere on earth.
jfJere: Ha! Actually there's a tv outside my wife's office that plays the agency's top ads in rotation, so she'll probably be spending the week in Talking-Lions-Hell.

And yes, Prince rocked. I was a huge Prince fan way, way back before he became "Symbol" for a while, if all you kids can remember back that far. I saw him at the Garden a few years ago...great show.
I saw a guy in the supermarket yesterday with a Sox cap that was about 85% as faded as Jere's. But it wasn't frayed, and no hole in the back. Yep, I checked.

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