Wednesday, February 28, 2007

'06-'07 Quiz XVI aka 16

What town was I in when I took the picture below? Update: Sox lead 4-1! Cyn is live-blogging the game if you don't have access to it. (You'd think they would've given us for free in spring training, at the very least...)

That's incorrect. Thanks for your guess.
Ain't no signage -or mountains- that big in Danbury :)
Yes, it is Deerfield with a lower-case d! No, actually, it's still not Deerfield. But it is a Mass town.
No on Springfield. Hey Kara, did you or Amy see my "Mel and Damon" secret family-only in-joke a few weeks back?
Totally! Loved it. I told Mel to go and look. I was going to say something about it in the comments but realized it was a family-only joke and didn't want to confuse people.
It's okay, I confuse 'em all the time.
Holland, MA?
Nope. Is this like in Final Jeopardy! when you don't know so you just write your friend's name? Or did you think of something in Holland that might have this sign?
I was going with the first town in Massachusetts on 84, which seems to be Holland, MA. I was split between going with Holland, MA and Union, CT.
STJ: I see where you were going now.

No on my sister's chilhood name for cereal--Lee.
No on Cornwall. Another clue: Western half of the state. Of Mass. (I was in Mass when I took it. Not in another state looking in. But I think STJ's theory will be rewarded. I wouldn't have thought of that.)
Chicopee, MA

Lee/Cereal? Haha.
No on Chicopee, no on Sturbridge.

Yeah, lee. Can't explain that one.
No on Pittsfield, the town where I met Rich Gedman.
That's cool you met Gedman... He's pretty much your hero I gather. Did I ever tell you I met David Letterman? (I tell everyone).
Yeah, Pat, Chan, Brian and I drove up there to see him after I found out he was coaching for a team in a league where Pittsfield was the closest team to where I lived. I called through the chain linked fence to Geddy, as he sat in the dugout. "Rich Gedman! Can I get your autograph?" He replied "for a cheeseburger." Then he got up and signed for us, but some jerk started talking to him so the moment just faded away. He reminds me of your old man in a way.

How'd you meet Dave? He once drove past me in a little convertible right by the Danbury Mall. I was so excited, when I stopped at the next light, I told the people stopped in the car next to me that I'd just driven past Dave. (He lives a couple towns away from where I grew up.)
When I was a sr. in high school, my friend, Lani, and I were visiting some friends at B.U. and as we were walking (the wrong direction) trying to find the dorm some kid in a parked limo rolls down the window and starts yelling at us, "Hey girls, where's the bar? Where's the bar?" We just ignored him, of course. We then realize that we forgot the directions in the car and had to go back- past the parked limo. But this time the door was open and the kid and David Letterman were standing around with a few camera guys. So we finally decided to approach Dave and he looked up, saw us coming and met us halfway! Lani grabs his hand and said, "Dave, Dave, I love you!" to which Dave replied, "Well, I love you too!" He was so wonderful- really smiley and cordial to us. I think I just giggled the whole time. And that was it. I tell the stroy every chance I get. So thanks for listening/reading.
Adams, MA?

My Dad used to see Letterman jogging all the time on his way to work. Didn't he live in Wliton or something?
Very close on that answer. You can guess again if you want since I just gave that clue.

Dave lived in New Canaan. I think he still does. People always used to see him in "the coffee shop" in Ridgefield. I never did know what that meant. Never went there, never found it when I looked for it. I grew up closer to Danbury than Ridgefield, despite being IN Ridgefield.
North Adams?

I think Dave moved and lives in Westport or New York now.
North Adams?
Correct! This is the sign atop Mass MoCA in N. Adams, Mass.

I think Dave still lives in CT.
Just got the Kara answer after I wrote that last thing. STJ gets almost all the credit, but Kara will get some for getting it right before I published STJ's winning answer.
I'm glad it worked out that way because I would have felt bad if I got the right answer before STJ got another chance to guess... since STJ was obviously on the right track.
Actually, Dave moved out of New Canaan, and into Westchester County, about 2-3 years ago. I think he moved to South Salem; in any case he's just on the other side of the CT/NY border now.
What a sellout. I went to nursery school over near S. Salem.

4.68 points for STJ, 0.32 for Kara.

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