Sunday, February 11, 2007

'06-'07 Quiz XV

What's the significance of this series?

54, 45, 38, 28, 23.

Note: this is actually part of a longer series of numbers. There are more before and after.

Note: This has nothing to do with math or any kind of formula.

54 = Ortiz career season high HR (2006
45 = Manny career season high HR (2005)
Curt Schilling's # (2004)
28 = Trot Nixon career season high (2003)
23 = Michael Jordan!
It's about the order the numbers go in, so even if those are all right, and they are, although Manny also had 45 HR in '98, it doesn't matter because those could be in any order.
Hey Jere, can we go back to Arts & Entertainment or Science & Nature? :-)
Funny a New Hampshire person says this, since I have realized that this quiz is unfair to them, as well as people from Maine, Rhode Island, and anyone who never drove the Mass Pike. These numbers are the indicators of distance to Boston on the Mass Pike travelling east. I think 68 is the one before it, if you get on from Route 91. And maybe there's a 60, but starting from route 84, you get "Boston 54," followed by 45, the classic TV-38, then 28, Oil Can's 23, Marty B's 17, and then it might be a 14 after that one.

Anyway, that was a tough one. A replacement quiz will be up soon. It's a fine line between "easily googled" annd "totally impossible." The plight of the internet quizmaster...

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