Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wealthy Human Male

Jonathan Richman is about to tour. In a related story, I'm psyched. Especially because he's playing four shows in NYC this weekend. (Boston people: you're screwed on this tour. I gotta figure he adds some shows there after the 19-show tour ends, what with him being from there. Keep your fingers crossed.) I'll be at the Knitting Factory on _____day with Chan, who'll get his first taste of Richman. I saw him in Hamden, CT a few years ago. The guy's really entertaining. I'd consider him one of my idols. If you don't know the name, he's the dude from The Modern Lovers, who also ruled back in the day. I guess all the masses know of Richman are his appearances playing guitar in Kingpin (with Roger Clemens) and There's Something About Mary.

Oh, and if you've been to Fenway Park in the last few years, you definitely know this tune:

I remember laughing at that song before games a few years ago, and then slowly it occurred to me: Hey, I know this voice! Terrible job by for never having heard that one. Below, Jonathan in an awesome interview in '86:

[That interview's gone. Try this one:]

Permission to come to my blog to cannabilize the "Artist Rendition" of the New Toilet in The Bronx, Opening in '09, is fully-granted:

It has my Imprimatur.
I think I'll head down to the Government Center. I want to make those secretaries feel better, as they put stamps on those letters.
Always a classic.

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