Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I've always* said I wanted to live to see the year 2080 (--at least, I can go longer if necessary), since 1980 is my favorite year (since '92, before that it was '79), and I'd like to be able to write the date as "'80" again.

Today I came across the Death Clock. It estimates when you'll die based on your birthday, sex, body mass index, and whether or not you smoke. (Note: What if you're hanging from a cliff, and you flip open your laptop and check your death clock? It's not gonna say "a few minutes" because they don't ask if you're currently hanging from a cliff... TJ, DC.) I entered my info, and daethy McClock-Clock said I'll die on August 23rd, 2059. Okay. 52 years left. As Kenny** would say, "not baaad." Still, no way I'm goin' out before 2075, so I can see age 100. I will defy you, death clock.

Knowing that women live way longer than men, I changed "male" to female" to see how long I'd live were I not of the foul sex. And it came up...


Don't look for me to get a sex change operation, though.

* actually since, like, the mid-nineties

** you don't know him

Fascinating stuff!
Once, when I was about 11 or 12, my friends and I were playing with a Oujia board and asked "it" how old I would be when I die. "It" said 86.
Fast forward to about 2001/02 when I bought a used Mac G3 from this old lady for really cheap. She left some programs on it that she thought I might like. One of them being a family tree/genealogy chart thing which estimates your life expectancy. Once again, I was told that I will live until 86 years old or the year 2065. I guess I am cool with that.
I almost had a heart-attack when it said 2024! That would have screwed up the accuracy though...

By switching from smoker-to non-smoker and from pessimistic to optimistic (two things I'm on the fence with) I lived until 2073!! Thank you, Death Clock, for helping me choose how to live.
I forgot about the optimistic/pessimistic part! That's another one I was gonna try switching, but I totally forgot. So, to clear up, my 2059 date is with "optimistic."

Kara, I guess all signs point to 86 for you. Unless these things were trying to tell you when the Red Sox "curse" would "die."
Is Kenny your 8-year old friend?
No, Kenny's a dude who says "not baaaad." My 8-year old friend is currently 31, and, despite most likely having said "not bad" at least once in his lifetime, is not known for that phrase.
I got 2080, which means I'll be 79...

Getting a sex change would definitely qualify you to be the Citizen's Bank Not Your Typical Fan at some game in the summer of '80.
Great post and link, Jere. My death date: October 16, 2035. My first thought was, "Damn, right before the World Series would start!"
We should all live as long as this Sox fan:

Lauren looks older than 5 years old. I think something is wrong with her math.

I get August 22, 2053 no matter what I plug in. I can't decide if that is creepy or there is something wrong with that site's algorithm.

Blue Oyster Cult - the most famous band from CT!
How long has BOC been from Connecticut? I never knew that.

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