Sunday, January 07, 2007

Spin For The Wad

Last week on Letterman, a Top Ten list mentioned USC kicker Mario Danelo. I'm pretty sure they just used a random Trojan player's name to fit in with the condom-related joke they were going for. Last night, I clicked on, and saw "USC kicker Danelo found dead." I wouldn't have known the name if it weren't for that Top Ten list. Weird. I guess the dude fell off a cliff...

Seeing Bill Parcells lose is always fun. Seeing him lose a game when it's easily in his team's grasp is even better. And when that team is the Dallas Yankees--I mean Cowboys--it's even better than better. It's best. I've been lucking out on these football games lately. I rarely purposely put one on, but it seems like I flip by right at the right moment to see some Fantastic Finishes (Alcoa presents).

Tonight, Chan and I are going to a live interview with Martin Short. I've been a fan since Jackie Rogers, Jr. $100,000 Jackpot Wad.

THAT BANDWAGON surely emptied out, quickly(Dallas):

Maybe the one in "The Toilet" will do so, SOON.

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