Friday, January 05, 2007

Sent Away (Oh, Randy)

I'm too busy revelling in the fact that the Yankees had to trade away their superstar, Hall of Fame pitcher for a bunch of prospects to deal with the fact that in the long run, there's a chance they get the better of this deal.

Look at what the Yanks did: Traded pitchers Brad "Cerebral" Halsey and Javy Vazquez, and catcher Dionysius Dave Navarro for Randy going into '05. The two pitchers' ERAs weren't much higher than Randy's in the two years since, and they both outpitched him last season. Meanwhile, Randy lives this gloomy existence in New York, nobody likes him, he likes nobody, and he brings George exactly zero pennants, when they were guaranteed each year by plenty of people. And this is Randy Johnson, the big superstar! So they basically turned those three dudes into that, which they're now turning into four other dudes, all of whom could be busts.

So my question, yet again, to the media is: Where are the stories of the Yanks being "cursed" and "pathetic" and "losers," who, even when acquiring the best players in the league, just can't seem to win? A few years after the '01 World Series, which, contrary to popular belief that states "both teams won!" or "New York City won!" or "America won!", the Yankees blew with the great Mariano on the mound, the Red Sox got one of the Diamondbacks' aces, and promptly won the World Series. The Yanks got the other, and have to trade him for Luis Vizcaino after two seasons of not even reaching the ALCS. It's gotta be a curse, right? Right?

My quick January prediction about 2007: Sox--Good. Yanks--Not nearly as good.

Coming soon, the story of my mom's brush with greatness! (She ran into about the coolest baseball person you can possibly run into, in my opinion, this side of Richard Leo Gedman. And she was far from New England.)

Can't help but think the Sox are gonna be good this year. Pitching should definitely be a plus. Lots better than last year, assuming guys stay healthy.
I can't wait to hear the story about you Mom and ??? Talk about a're media savvy!
Why the hard-on for a Yankee curse? Just because the media played up the CHB's ridiculous myth for so long? Just because of the Babe pics at the Toilet for so long? I don't get it...they don't need a curse as long as they're wasting ungodly amounts of money on bad personnel decisions. As long as they're committed to fielding a the world's most overpaid, ill-tempered collection of has beens, well then MLB will be fine. If they ever commit to building from the farm, as they did forming the nucleus of the last great Yankee teams, well then I'll worry. But we don't need to hold up pictures of Luis Gonzalez at Fenway when they come to town just so we feel like they're "cursed"...who cares? They don't win!!! That's all that matters...
It was John Halama, wasn't it?
It actually looks much worse when you go back further: they traded Nick Johnson, Juan Rivera, and Randy Choate to get Javy Vasquez in the first place...think they wouldn't rather still those guys on their roster than the package that they just got back from Arizona?
Randy was as welcome at "The Toilet" as Mel Gibson was at Temple Emanu-el:

Why would they have traded for a guy with no cartiledge in his knees?

Steinbrenner(Mr Dunbar) would have bought the real Godzilla, just to get his name on the front & back pages of the NY Post
Matty, the whole point, and the main point of this blog, pretty much, is to show how silly the curse talk was. And I'm just saying, now, how about the papers come up with some magical reason why the Yanks can't win? And I had more about this, in fact it swilrs in my head at all times, but I just can't get the words straight, partly because Curb is on. Even though I've seen this one a million times. Yankees lose.

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