Monday, January 01, 2007

Old Yeller, Jessica Lange, Stop Sign

Saturday night at midnight we saw This is Spinal Tap in a movie theater. Sunday afternoon we saw Ghostbusters in a movie theater. Two of my favorites on the big screen. Then instead of going to the show we had tickets to on New Year's Eve, we decided the way to go is the classic "stay in and do whatever, and watch the Twilight Zone" method. It was cool listening to the fireworks from Times Square out my window while watching them on TV, even though I'm really far from there.

A good NYE was had by all. Happy New Year. 1997 is, ridiculously, ten years old.

And 1997? Seems like a couple months ago. And yeah, it WAS a good year for me. Health and happiness Jere. For ever.

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