Thursday, January 04, 2007

Okay, Now It's Really (Almost) Official

The Randy thing, I mean. Looks like the Yanks will get Luis Vizcaino and one pitching prospect. I'll take it. It seems like you should be able to get more for a Hall of Famer, even if he is an old man. This makes their staff much worse. A so-so Randy was better than nothing. If I knew that's all it would've taken, and I was the Red Sox, I would've given them one prospect, gotten Randy, then turned around and traded him to a team way dumber than Arizona for five more prospects. Then I would've gotten back the original prospect from whatever team the Yanks trade him to for another bat they don't need in July.

Looks like Loretta's going to Houston, Minky's going to the Yanks, and Foulke's definitely a grinning savage.

[Update, 8:30 PM: Now it's definitely official. -Ish. Great reporting, reporter idiots. The actual deal is four players to the Yanks for the ol' man. Two minor league pitchers, 24 and 25, a minor league shortstop, and Vizcaino. I like looking at the Yanks' rotation now. It's fun.]

As I said before, if that one pitching prospect is either Owings or Ohlendorf, and the Snakes don't make Ca$hman cover a substantial amount of that $16mm salary, I'll be very disappointed in Josh Byrnes.

Based on how the free-agent market has gone this winter, I think the Sox are going to really regret not picking up Foulke's $7.5mm option.
I'm just glad it's only one prospect, after all this talk of multiple prospects. And we know Dunbar is throwing in cash, we'll see how much.
I think that the yankees got the better end of the deal.
Ohlendorf, Vizcaino, and two other prospects. And the Yanks only picking up $2 of Johnson's salary.

Arizona got completely hosed on this deal.

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