Friday, January 19, 2007


My9, a part of MyNetworks, has added a new feature to their 10:00 news. It's called MyNeighborhood. Well, whoopdee-freakin'-doo. How did that get past the brainstorming stage? You mean to tell me they were sitting in a meeting, looking for a new name for this feature where you send in photos of your neighborhood, and not only that someone came up with "MyNeighborhood," but that everyone in the room agreed on it? How did every set of eyes in the room not roll toward the heavens? MyGod.

Oh no. "MyGod" made me realize something. Soon, churches will be using "my," if they're not already. MyJesus, MyPrayers...the possibilities are endless. Apparently "my" is the key to success, so look for a mass conversion to whatever religion jumps on the "my" bandwagon first. My70Virgins await you...or me...or whatever.

I wonder if it's just a game among corporations at this point: "I wonder how many 'my's we can use before they'll actually say something, heh heh heh."

Well, I'm starting a boycott. Any company that uses the word "my" in their advertising is dead to me from now on. They will insult MyIntelligence no longer.

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