Monday, January 15, 2007

Mile High Aces

Thanks, astrosdaily.comI was up in ol' New England this weekend, and stopped by my parents' house for the 1991 World Series of the Smith Baseball League. This is a dice-rolling league my dad and I started in 1989 using real, mostly unheard of players from the Topps 1987 baseball card set. Every once in a while, we break out the league--a league with no walks and no third base. As you can tell, we've fallen behind, as we're only on the 1991, or third season of "the league." My division's Denver Rockies (named well before the existence of the current Colorado Rockies) just won it all, beating my dad's Nashville Tunes, 3 games to 1. The Rocks dominated this season, going 27-13, easily an all-time league record. They did it behind the stellar hurling of Ron Mathis and Skip Quinn. (Some players--"rookies" for years two and three--were taken from the 1970 Topps set.) I'm only noticing now that Quinn is actually Skip Guinn. You can see by the pictured card why we assumed the guy's name was Quinn. Guinn and Mathis appeared in a total of 70 games between them in real life.

Jim Pankovits and Ernest Riles were the hitting stars. Panky, a three year vet, is the face of our league, in my opinion. And now he's got a ring. Jose Uribe won the batting title this year, and then promptly died in real life. We've decided to name future batting title awards after him. Ironically, he could win his own memorial award next year, as he lives on in our league. Congratulations, Denver Rockies.

In other real life news, Pedro's got a 19-year old son who pitches as well, the Sox re-signed KySny, I finally saw American Movie (see it!), Cyn got up close and bronsonal, and O'Reilly's gonna be on Colbert Thursday night. Sounds like a don't-miss. Now I'm gonna go watch the second season premiere of Extras.

I'm glad you had a good time! Take care on this getting colder every minute Tuesday!

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