Thursday, January 04, 2007

Local News

Yesterday I read about these cabs going around dressed like cows. Then I left work and one flew right past me on 86th Street. What are the odds of that, considering there are only five? Then again, there are only a few checkered cabs left, and I walk by a parked one all the time. (The driver of it must live in my neighborhood or something.)

And the world can't get enough of this story. Some kid pulled an Or Trenchant at the subway, and this stranger saved him, leading to incredibly awkward moments between the boy's father and the hero. I can just feel the dad thinking, "I'm so happy you saved my son's life, really, but will you be going away soon? You're not gonna, like, hang out with us now, are you?" And terrible job by the girl on the news last night, who, when asked if she'd jump onto the tracks to save a stranger, said no, because "my life is more important than anyone else's." Wow, that girl must have an awesome myspace page. Some things are just too important.


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