Friday, January 19, 2007

Lines, Satirers And Bears (No "My")

"If you're an act, what am I?" -- Colbert, to O'Reilly

That's right, "Papa Bear" was on The Report tonight. He had no chance. It was great to see one guy who's so against another guy, yet pretends he's his idol, interviewing that guy in character while both know how the other really feels. I don't know why Bill even decided to go on the show. Colbert was on his show on tonight, too, but I missed that one. I noticed the rerun of O'Reilly's show was on during Colbert, but I checked in too late. (I did notice's anti-war ad was shown during O'Reilly. Nice!) So it was a home-and-home series. But I still don't know why O'Reilly would agree to it. He just kind of sat there and didn't say much while Colbert mocked the hell out of him under the guise of the guise of the guise of idolizing him. When Colbert held up O'Reilly's book, there was a B&N "30% Off" sticker over Bill's face. Then Colbert pulled out a picture of O'Reilly in S&M gear. It was some good viewin'.

Tonight, I was on the subway, and at 33rd Street, it stopped. For good. Everybody off. Right now. No idea why. You know what it was like just trying to get out of the station? Imagine a packed subway train, and everyone gets off at the same stop. Not good. Then I had to walk the rest of my journey in the rain in my holey shoes. I did get to see my first snowflakes of the season earlier in the day, though.

On my way back home, reading Chan's Onion on the train over his shoulder (as per our Thursday night, post-Mexican food tradition) I saw that Harry Shearer was speaking back downtown tonight. I too soaked and we were almost all the way home, so I opted against seeing Harry. I did get to see the end of his Letterman appearance tonight, though. Nice job by the master, and Paul played the SCTV theme for him.

Also in that Onion was a Ricky Gervais interview. The longer online version is here. I can't say enough about the guy. I was psyched to read that his heroes are mostly the same as mine. I also was inspired by his promotion of the dabbling lifestyle. It justifies my creative life, for sure. Thanks, Ricky. Also, Extras season two (possibly the last according to the interview) is underway, and it continues to be, in my opinion, the greatest show on earth.

Colbert also shredded another right-wing idiot, Dinesh D'Souza, the other day. He's on fire lately. Of course, the White House Correspondents Association wants no part of him this year after he eviserated Bush at last year's dinner. They hired Rich Little for this year, and told him not to mention Iraq.
Oh MyGod, that's hilarious about Rich Little.

I'll be at a Colbert--and a Daily Show--the week of the 29th. Was random that I got both in same week.

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