Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Letters And Numbers

I'd had my eye on this gargantuan 7-UP mug for months. It lived in a thrift store up near Boston. This weekend, I dropped the necessary 2/5ths of a sawbuck and cleared a huge space in my glassware storage area, aka the cupboard above the sink. I've placed some of my past scores around the jolly green giant. Those are some pretty good-sized steins, but the Green Goblin beats them.

On the left is my 1988 A.L. East Champions glass. You don't see that every day. To the right is the '67 A.L. Champs glass, which was also for sale at the same thrift store, but I got mine somewhere else years before. Maybe at the Elephant's Trunk. I also put a pen there for scale.

The Entenmann's box in the background reminds me: I never did talk more about the letters in my logo. I cut that E right off an Entenmann's box. Another E is from the Circle Jerks logo. Most of them were cut out of that week's Village Voice. (Brian was the only one to notice the Circle Jerks E. I was hoping he would, since he's a big Keith Morris/Jerks fan.) The A, like I said, is from the Apollo logo. The D appears to be from the Tower Records logo. We know where those two I's are from. Another I is a piece of one of the twin towers that stuck up out of the ground post-collapse. And I couldn't tell you what any of the other ones are.

Thanks for remembering my former place of employment with that letter "d." I would never have guessed to be honest...
Glad to see the 7-Up glass in its rightful place.

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