Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Joel Man

Wait! Stop! I know what you're thinking! "Soul man, Joel man, haha, real funny, you unoriginal bastard." Yourrrr mistake. The term "Joel man" describes me--and male humans like me--, referring to the fact I prefer the Joel Hodgson-hosted episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to the Mike Nelson-hosted ones. (This is based on reasons mentioned before on this blog, though I am a fan of Mike Nelson as well.)

Anyway, the reason this post is called "Joel Man" is because the Red Sox appear to have signed pitcher-you've-heard-of, Joel Pineiro.

This reminds me, I've never asked my girlfriend if she's a Mike Woman or a Joel Woman. I think the relationship can sustain regardless of her answer.

Anyway, Joely, as Clementine might call him, could battle for the closer role until they come to their senses and put Papelbon right back there. (Fingers still crossed.)

Although I like Mike as well, I'm definitely a Joel Woman.

But it has more to do with liking Trace Beaulieu more than anything else.
Yeah, Crow is cool. This reminds me, I still have to ask my girlfriend what kind of woman she is. I'm hoping for Joel, but Mike can't hurt. I almost think she's gonna go Mike on this one.

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