Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It Continues To Be Almost Official

Some source with no name says Randy will be traded to Arizona, for two minor league pitchers and a major league reliever.

This is the ugliest case of deja vu I've ever had, as we went through weeks of talk that Randy was going from Arizona to New York in December '04 before it finally became official.

If he does go, I'll really, really miss making fun of him.

In other news, terrible job by Celizic, as usual.

The FireJoeMorgan guys always do a great job of shredding Celizic, aka "hat guy", after each of his idiotic columns. The guy's got a huge anti-Sox, pro-Dunbar bias, but he's so lame, and so obscure, that I have a hard time getting particularly worked up over any of his nonsense. Most of the time, you just forget he exists.
Yeah, it was right before I started this blog that I saw an article by him that made me so mad (the basis: the Red Sox will lose to the Yanks because they have "Boston" on their chests.) that I wrote directly to him. It was really insulting, what I said to him. I don't know if it even got to him, but he never wrote back.

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