Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Here's the latest non-news on Drew.

Last night I had Josh Beckett nightmares. He was in some room going absolutely crazy, throwing folding chairs around and yelling. It was really scary.

Bush is sending more troops to Iraq, because...he's following George Costanza's "do the opposite" philosophy? Show Bush what a terrible job he's doing by protesting. Here in New York, people will be gathering in Times Square tomorrow, Thursday, at 6:00 PM.

Add gasoline to a human killing field? Not on my watch.....well said Jere
Jere: Thanks for your feedback about moving the answers in my trivia Q&A posts. The answers will now follow the questions in a separate section so you can play along. Thanks for the suggestion.
Woohoo! Thanks.
Unfortunately, George Bush couldn't care less about what you think of his Iraq policies, and will never even hear about that Times Square protest. The November elections, along with poll after poll, show that an overwhelming majority of Americans are opposed to the war, and disapprove of Bush's job performance, but Bush continues to live in his own little bubble, completely separate from reality.

The only hope is that the new Democratic majority in Congress overrules and thwarts his plans.
If we stop traffic he might hear about it. Also, there are protests everywhere tomorrow, including DC.
He might hear about it, but he still wouldn't care at all.

Reminding the new Democratic members of Congress why they were sent to Washington last November, and letting them know that they're being held accountable, would probably be more effective.

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