Thursday, January 11, 2007


I stopped by Times Square tonight for the war protest. Not a massive demonstration, but a pretty goood turnout for a fairly spontaneous event. People crowded the middle island and held signs and chanted toward the Army Recruitment Station.

It kind of looks like everyone was pushed to the side of the street, but, again, they were in the middle. I wasn't trying to capture the moment where th guy on the moving billboard sticks his tongue out, but it worked out.

Again, not going for the Bubba Gump shrimp sign... There's something about the way all the shiny capitalism dwarfed this protest, sadly. Pick the symbolism of your choice and run with it.

At one end of the protest, by the recruitment station, three people (including one who reminded me of Cletus' wife on The Simpsons) held a big sign. It said "Warning: Leftists Trying To Demoralize Our Troops." I was very close to just going off on one of the people holding the sign. But I held back. The only time I did something like that was to some old people protesting the abortion clinic back in Danbury.

Great job by Olbermann tonight. He ran down a list of reasons Bush has stated for going to war. Quite comical. Video here. Or click here to read it. Link is to the 4th and final page of the transcript--the best part.

Excellent video, Jere. Thanks for posting it.
You're welcome.

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