Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Like Lileks

At the risk of cementing my reputation among the Young and Vital as a laughably inert antiquarian, I must admit that I not only spent 30 minutes prying staples from matchbooks this morning, but that I enjoyed it. I have some time set aside in the morning for archiving, and this month it’s the pry-and-iron project. See, after I’ve removed the matches, I iron the books flat. When I’m done I have a nice neat stack of warm matchbook covers, bound by a rubber band. Eventually they’ll all go into plastic sleeves in a binder. Doing my part to make the estate sale go well!
Love that site.

I hate to break this one to you, Jere, but James Lileks is also a right-wing columnist:

"Lileks took up the "fight the terrorists" banner and also became a frequent critic of those who oppose the Iraq war."

Let's just say he wouldn't be a big fan of your 'Insanity' post.
I didn't say I like his newspaper columns. But the site is really fun, and doesn't bring up politics, it's all about old cartoons, weird Americana, and other random stuff that I seem to find interesting. My site is definitely influenced by the way he does his. (Doing a bunch of different stuff, I mean.)
But anyway, thanks for the info.
I just figured you might not be aware of his political leanings, since he's not the most high profile pundit out there.

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