Sunday, January 21, 2007


One of my favorite annual events growing up was the AFC Championship game. It was always muddy or snowy or frigid. The last fun football game before the sunny, boring Super Bowl. Unfortunately, this year, for the first time, the game will be held in a dome. (On top of that, it's the Boston Yanks versus Cletus' Colts. If Manning loses, that'll be good, but if he wins, we get to see the ultimate: him losing in the Super Bowl. So I don't care who wins tomorrow.) But fear not, the NFC version should be fun--the Saints are involved, and the game's in Chicago. Forecast: 2 inches of snow! Sweet.

Pics from tonight's Nets game to follow. (Free tickets from work.)

Now I'm watching a dude on public access who's showing parts of an old movie (called Urg or something) featuring live songs by the Go-Go's, the Cramps, and Devo. Pretty cool.

Have you seen the AARP ad with the Buzzcocks song in it? What's next, Devo on a beer commercial? Oh, wait...

Enjoy the Sunday "after or during" dinner game! Sure to be a great match-up. Manning thinks he is due, but the Pat's defense might have other plans. And Brady in the post-season? Nice. Take care Jere. And at a couple minutes before 10am, it's only 14 degrees.......
Thanks, Peter, but, again, I'm really only excited for the first game--the snow game. And most of the watching I'll do today is really just an excuse to eat pizza and chips and salsa...
"Stop the cat box! Stop the cat box!"

Really weird to hear great songs from our formative years used to sell silly crap...
Oh my god, I forgot to blog about that one! That is so stupid, because it's so obvious what they're saying in that song. It's not a commonly misheard lyric by any means. If anything, they should've had the kids wondering what a "casbah" is.
'Boston Yanks'? I think that's a little insulting to the Patriots, for two reasons:
1) The Patriots have won multiple championships in a league with a salary cap. Ca$hman and Steinbrenner, by contrast, would never sniff the postseason if they couldn't outspend their competition by a range of 50-125%. The Patriots' accomplishments are far more impressive than the Dunbars'.
2) There are a lot of diehard Pats fans out there who suffered through 40-odd mostly lean, and often downright embarrassing, seasons before reaching the Promised Land. Those folks appreciate what they're had over the past five years.

That said, I'll confess to being a bangwagon Patriots fan; I always sorta liked them, but wasn't a big follower during the 90's. But then I found myself sitting home on my couch on a frigid snowy night, started watching the famous Tuck Rule game against the Raiders, and was hooked.

By the way, there actually was a Boston Yanks franchise in the NFL back in the mid-40's.
"there actually was a Boston Yanks franchise"

That's what I was going for. That's why I didn't say New England Yankees or something like that.

I just like getting a rise out of Pats fans...
And re: the fans. I didn't say anything about them, just the team: Fairly boring, a bunch of championships in a short time. I don't want to be on the "hate the Pats" bandwagon any more than I wanna be on the "love the Pats" one. I really couldn't care less if they win or lose. But, yeah, TJ on being a Pats bandwagoner. My dad did the same thing. I had a plan, after I stopped caring about football/rooting for the Jets, to maybe be a Pats fan in 10 years (so I wouldn't nd up rooting against players I once followed. Then they won ONE Super Bowl and I said, Well, I can't start rooting for them now... Then they won two more and I'm like, Whatever, I just don't care and I'm never gonna be able to even pretend to like them.

I mean, what am I gonna tell my kids? "Billy's dad says Andre Tippet was the best!" And I'd have to say, "Screw him, Gastineau and Klecko ruled! The Sack Exchange! But, uh, yeah, sure, go current Pats." It just wouldn't work. If they wanna be Pats fans, that's fine, mommy's a Pats fan. (Meaning my girlfriend now, even though we don't actually have kids.) And so is grandpa. (Meaning my dad, even though he's only a gramps to my sister's kids.)
But if they're Yankee fans, it's OUT OF THE FAMILY for them. The point being, baseball is the only game that counts.
"Urgh! A Music War" was the name of that program I'm guessing. Very good concert footage movie with most of the best new wave groups.
Great call, Greg. Thanks. I see the soundtrack on cd is up for auction on ebay, and it's at 36 bucks with 5 hours left!
Well, in defense of my own Pats fandom, at least I started rooting for them 2 games before they won their first Super Bowl.

I actally went to a Jets/Pats game at Shea back in the late '70's. We sat in the end zone on temporary wooden bleachers, and football from an extra-point kick actually came up into the stands and went right through my friends and I. Terrible job by us; I think we were too busy discussing movie ratings or something.

My Dad is actually a Jets fan, and I kinda sorta like them too in the 90's.
It's so different from baseball, since pre-1960, New England's closest team (except for a few teams with short existences) was the New York Giants. So a lot of New Englanders like them. And even until 1970, the Pats were an AFL team. We're only just now on second-generation Pats and Jets fans. This Pats run is responsible for turning them into a legit team, because all the non-die hards jumped on board.

Also, note: the Jets made all this possible by knocking out Bledsoe and making Brady the QB.
The Colts are the descendents from the Dayton Triangles, Brooklyn Dodgers, Brooklyn Tigers, Boston Yanks, NY Bulldogs, NY Yankees, Dallas Texans, then Baltimore & Indianapolis Colts, so part of their history is in 3 NYC Boroughs, as well as Dayton & Boston:

Never denigrate the Patriots by calling them the Boston Yanks.
In fact the Colts do trace back to Dayton, as a charter NFL Franchise.
Oh, you're so dramatic, Michael, heh heh. The Colts and the Texans (whose players went to the Colts when they folded and who were once the Boston Yanks) are different teams, per the wiki research I just did. Regardless, I was comparing the Pats to the NY Yankees baseball team by using wordplay on an old football team. I thought it was beautiful myself.

I don't care about the Pats. I hate the freakin' Colts.

Those Colts go around running their mouths off, you know what, we're gonna win the GAME, I guarantee it.

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