Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Not only do Chan and I not have cell phones, we've also got an old school answering machine. But that's not the point. We got this message last week. This actually happens quite a bit: The cold-caller gets the machine, is cued by the beep, and proceeds to start talking to the machine as if it's a live person, asking it questions.

Maybe they don't hear the message. Maybe they use some type of automated system that cues the person to talk when our machine's message and beep have concluded. That would explain the initial interrogation. But why don't they realize, after they're first question is greeted with dead silence, that maybe, just maybe, they're talking to a machine which can't talk back?

I thought this message was particularly funny, though. First of all, about the terminology: Could it be a call from the 50s that hung in telephone space, and just now reached our apartment? And doesn't it seem like she fully believes she's talking to a stubborn person who made the decision to answer the phone but just won't talk, right up 'til the bitter end?

Check it out. The Greenwell has nothing to do with it. Just thought it might be more interesting for you with him in there.


Funny...how about the other four messags? Just kidding...

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