Sunday, January 28, 2007


Wow. Not since that fateful Easter weekend of '02 have I been shout out on the big sale. I did what I could, considering I was at a foreign computer and I, you know, had stuff to do yesterday. I wanted to get four or six seats together to a summer weekend game, but...nothing. You can still get standing room to most games at this point.

Fortunately, I got that Sox Pack/Pak, and with the 10-game plan, and the early- and late-season games I've got, I'm still pretty gold. Plus, tickets are always being released, so I'm sure I'll get more.

I like what this says about the state of the team, though. I remember people on EEI after 2004 saying stuff like, "In three years, will people still care?" You know, as if we're a bunch of Yankee fans or something. So it's good to see it's still going strong.

There is talk of Todd Helton coming to the Red Sox. I'd be totally down with that, depending on what we'd have to give up. According to the article, the Rockies seem to be inquiring about people like Matt Clement and Julian Tavarez. If anyone in the Rockies organization is reading this, well, just know that it would be devastating for us to lose those guys. I don't know what we'd do without them. That's a guaranteed pennant for the Rockies, minimum. What a great move that would be for you guys. The effect of Sox fans relocating to Denver and switching allegiances if those guys went out there would make you enough money to be competitive for years to come.

I ended up with Braves (5/19) and White Sox (7/22) tickets, but it took me more than an hour of 200-browser pounding to get in.
The rumor now is that the discussions are along the lines of Tavarez, Lowell and a prospect for Helton. Which makes sense...if they did acquire him, either Youks or Lowell would have to go, and I would think the Sox would much rather keep Youks.

I don't understand how, on one hand, you were so against the Sox signing Drew for $70mm, but would be okay with giving up Good Guy Who You Want to Root For Lowell to take on Helton's ridiculous $90mm contract. Helton's numbers have been declining the past two years, and his road numbers away from Planet Coors are pretty mediocre at this point. He also has chronic back issues. I guess I'd take him off the Rockies' hands for Tavarez/Lowell if Colorado picked up at least half of Helton's remaining contract, but I certainly wouldn't include anything above a C level prospect.
For reasons I cannot explain, I found this post hilarious.
Matt Clement? Who's that? Seriously...What has that guy been doing with his life?

I heard they wanted young pitching, maybe Hansen or Delcarmen. I didn't hear anything about Lowell, but I assumed that we'd have to get rid of either him or Youk. I don't want to lose either of them, but I wouldn't mind Helton coming here. I'm definitely up for that.
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Clement?Does that guy even know what baseball is anymore?He hasnt played for as long as carl Pavano of the yankees.Okay sorry I like making fun of Carl Pavano since he comes up with the lamest excuses not to get his butt on the field anywho I am up for helton coming here as long as they dont give up Delcarmen,or Craig hansen or Jacob Ellsbury I have heard his name rumored.And also I hate to see LOWELL go but,if they want him I would go forit.Would Helton waive the No trade Clause to come here though?
"Would Helton waive the No trade Clause to come here though?"

The reports are that he has already waived his no trade and indicated he would accept a trade to Boston. Which makes sense...Colorado hasn't been a contender in years, and his contract is a huge chunk of their payroll, so he has to realize that if he wants to win anything, a trade to a major baseball market is his best chance.
Yeah I knew It would make sense but,I wasnt sure If he would though Thanks for the answer:)I completely agree He has a better chance to win something here than he ever will in Colorado!:-)
No way no how never will the Sox trade Youk. C'mon, that doesn't even make sense! Mike Lowell-I will miss, but he's in his last year anyways. Youk will be our 3rd or 1st base guy for years. And I've been the biggest Mikey fan there is.
If John Henry wants to again open his wallet, I wish he'd spend the dinero on a CLOSER!!!!!!! DUH!!!!
This is old news by now! I'm surprised there is so much speculation here. Tavarez, Mikey, and ????....with a whole lot of money from Colorado. And if all the pieces don't fall into place, forget about it!
With the amount of money the Rockies are willing to send, the Red Sox will actually save money as well.

Mike Edelman
I agree with Peter N - I would rather have the Sox spend money on a closer than a 34 year old 3rd baseman with a back problem. But if they do trigger the trade then I'm okay with Lowell and Tavarez. But no prospects and no Youk. As for Clement...PLEASE TAKE CLEMENT!
SFRSF...we DO agree, and the Sox did the right thing in calling a halt to the proceedings! Mr. Doubles, back at the hot corner, with our sure-handed Youk at first again. I'm happy! Theo, John, LL burning a whole in your wallet John Henry, billionaire?? C L O S E R. We look so good, except for the tail end of our pitching staff, the guy that puts out the fires and keeps us at least one run ahead of the oppositon in those crucial late innings, where SEASONS are won or lost. '07 is looking sooo good, except for this. Faith, Red Sox style.

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