Thursday, January 18, 2007

Greenland Or Iceland?

During the initial Dice-K mania, some people said, "It's totally worth it to spend all this money, because we'll make it back tenfold by getting into the Japanese market. Money will be falling out of of lollipop trees, and gumdrop rainbows of gold and jewels will shine on Yawkey Way forever."

Others said, "Dude, the money all gets split up, they won't make much more than they do now."

Well, now, a member of the Red Sox organization has come out and agreed with the latter theory.

What really matters is that Matsuzaka pitches well. If he does, we'll be happy. (The guy, senior vice president of sales and marketing Sam Kennedy, echoes this in the article as well.)

As his wins mount, the money matters will become less and less important. They already are to me...Johnny Henry has mucho bucks! And Jere, thank you for your hint about you know who.
ya know, at this point, who cares how much money they are making? it means nothing to me. i'm not their boss, i don't have to sign their paycheck, so, i don't care other than if they do well or they do bad.

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