Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Craggy old white man tells black people to "get over" slavery. This is the type of person we elect into office?

Fortunately, people described what actually happened on slave ships:

They were manacled together in twos and threes. Their horror may be well conceived when they found a number of them in different stages of suffocation; many of them were foaming at the mouth and in the last agonies-many were dead. A living man was sometimes dragged up, and his companion was a dead body; sometimes of the three attached to the same chain, one was dying and another dead. The tumult they had heard was the frenzy of those suffocating wretches in the last stage of fury and desperation, struggling to extricate themselves. When they were all dragged up, nineteen were irrecoverably dead. Many destroyed one another in the hopes of procuring room to breathe; men strangled those next them, and women drove nails into each other's brains. Many unfortunate creatures on other occasions took the first opportunity of leaping overboard and getting rid, in this way, of an intolerable life.

Of course, it didn't end there. Stuff like that happened while these people were on their way to a world where they'd be owned by someone else. Maybe that old guy never learned how serious this stuff was. More likely, he just doesn't care. Soon he'll be gone. He and his ignorant kind won't be missed.

I recently read "Roots" and there is a very similar description of what it was like on the slave ships. It's horrifying what they went through.

As for the old white man elected to office? We have some seriously scary people in this country. I don't get it.
i was going to post a comment to this post and to Amy's comment, but dammit, i just don't feel like arguing.

go sox. we have that in common.
We can debate without arguing. It's not like we're Yankee fans or something. Let's hear what you've got to say.

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