Friday, January 12, 2007

Duck And Cover

I recently read an article about Chicago banning restaurants from serving foie gras. The reaction to the ban from restaurant-owners seemed to be, "we laugh in your face, duck torture roolz!"

I mean, literally, the picture accompanying the article showed a man with a huge smile, mocking the ban. Here's the same article. (I couldn't find the one with that pic.)

What's foie gras, you say? From
Foie gras literally means "fatty liver" in French. To produce it, young ducks or geese have over four pounds of corn mush forced down their throats through a long metal pipe each day for two to three weeks until they can barely move and are on the verge of organ rupture and death. For a150 pound human, this would be equivalent to 60 pounds of food perday.
Read more here.

I would think that even if I wasn't a vegetarian, and even if I loved this tortured-duck treat and ate it on a daily basis and was against the ban on it, I'd at least have the nads to admit that there is cruel behavior going on, and just not say anything or say something like "I feel guilty but it tastes good so I eat it." As ridiculous as that sounds to me, it would be better than taunting the people who are simply trying to let freakin' ducks and geese live in peace without someone shoving food down their throats.

If there is some kind of afterlife, I hope these prissy food people spend it with gigantic ducks shoving metal pipes down their throats for eternity.

"prissy food people"= "restaurant-types who don't even care about animal toture, as long as they get that tasty taste into their and their rich customers' mouths," not "anyone who eats meat"
I'm wondering if I should stop wearing wool. I hear it's pretty rough for the sheep.

I love wool.
I like wool too it is so soft but i hate asthma attacks like the one i am going through right now!
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BS comes back...and deletes his own comment! What a tease!

JS: Yeah, they eff with the sheep pretty bad.

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