Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Day

Prep your war room. Saturday, it's on.

What games are everyone going for? I think I'm going to try for SF tickets - I'm pretty sure they are the hot ticket this year.
Yeah, that series is big, with or without Bonds. I scored tix to that with my first ever time getting a Sox Pack. I just always like to get at least one mid-summer Saturday game. The schedule is weird, with only one home August Saturday game and only two in July. But the last day of June and the first day of Sept are home Saturdays, so it just kind of makes it look like there are only a few summer Saturdays at Fenway, if you only look at July and August. There's another specific one I've got my eye on, too...
I am going the Ones when they travel here to arizona since I live here.My uncle wants to come out from Boston when they come here to play the Diamondbacks.The only thng about the diamondbacks team i hate now is the fact that they have Ransy Johnson they gave up too much.too many young prospects:)
oops randy
I am flying in for the Orioles series I think ... I still have to confirm with those that are meeting me there ... It's a long way to go, but oh so worth it !
This year I will be going to some games at the Fens...I'm comfortable enough with my Diabetes now...now let's establish who our closer will be...please! Thanks for the coment Jere, over at my place.
I'm shooting for the day Trot returns so I can be a part of the love-fest.
Right. That's the one I was talking about. I guess the secret's out! So, everybody, go ahead, buy tix for Trot's return. On LABOR DAY. That's right, LABOR DAY. Definitely not Memorial Day.

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