Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cinderella Story

You could watch football every week for an entire season and not see a hook and lateral or a Statue of Liberty play. I hardly watch any football and I just saw both in a half an hour. Boise State pulled off both, one to send the game to OT, and the other on a two-point try in overtime to win the game. And they could've just taken the one point to keep the game tied. Talk about guts. Seeing Boise State on New Year's Day is enough of an upset. But to have them win--against my least favorite team, Oklahoma, no less--is even cooler.

Wow, and this dude being interviewed, when asked if Okalhoma took them lightly, said, "We know they did." More guts. And then he proposes to the head cheerleader and she says yes. (That's actually not sarcasm. He just did that. Crazy.)

I take football very lightly, but this game, those final minutes?....entertainment delight. Hope your New Years was great Jere.
As painful as It was for me to sit through 4 college football games with my dad yesterday.This one was the best.

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