Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Behold The Digital Dong

I followed along with the bomb threats in Boston on the Globe website today. When they started mentioning the McGrath Highway, it became scary, as I have loved one (singular) right near there!

Turns out, it was only Mooninites. I am literally laughing out loud at my cube. Good thing everyone else went home.

I've been a fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force for years. And for its fans, this is an historic day. Aqua Teens shut down city. Freakin' hilarious. Look, terrorists, just go ahead and start bombing us. Our authorities have no clue.

I love the caption of the photo at the Globe site, which I've posted above: A Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad officer removed a "Mooninite" from a support column of the Monsignor McGrath Highway. I also love how it's giving the finger. This is just too fun.

That fact that you (and I) are enjoying this so much shows that we, like Err, are "rebellious and angry."
Greatest news story of the year so far...
Well, now you can forget about wearing your FOREIGNER BELT on opening day, Jere!
Ha. To both comments.

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