Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Am I Losing My Mind?

I feel like David St. Hubbins in that argument with Nigel over his "fucking wife." Moments after posting my well-known opinion that I'd prefer it if that fat pig Clemens would NOT come back to my team, I read an article by Eric Wilbur talking about how "we" all would love for him to come back. Are we talking about the same guy? Can someone check me on this--am I losing my mind? Do "we" want Wade Boggs to step out of that photo of him riding around Yankee Stadium on a horse after winning the World Series back into Fenway Park to play third base again? Or maybe we could have Sparky Lyle day at Fenway next year. Johnny Damon could present him with the "We've all erased our memory" award.

We are talking about the same Clemens who started shitting the bed at the end of his Red Sox career, and was surprised that we might want to kick his ass out, right? The same one who said he wanted to play closer to home, then went to Canada, on his way to New York? The same one who made the conscious decision to rub/kiss the head of the Babe Ruth plaque before each game he pitched for the New York Yankees, as he pitched them to a World Series win, while we all sat there, still with no championship after 80 years? You know I'm not making this up, right? Babe Ruth. Do you think he was doing that because he loves the Red Sox and their fans and always wanted to come back to Boston? While in the meantime beating us as a fucking Yankee and winning the World Series with them?

Can someone check me on this? Was that all a horrible dream? It sure felt like one.

The guy's pure evil. He's never met a fanbase he hasn't screwed over. And he's old. And he's on steriods.

Update, 3:40 PM: Boston Globe urges fans to "convince Roger to come back" on their message board! They ask: "Should the Red Sox make another highlights video, or simply beg for Roger's return like a jilted lover seeking forgiveness?" Yeah! Fun! Let's beg him for for-fucking-giveness! Pleeease, Roger, we're so sorry you got to win those championships for the Yankees! What the hell is going on?? Are you people going to do this every year? At what point to you just say "fuck him"? I guess for people who didn't say it when they saw him kissing Babe Ruth, the answer is "never." And wait a minute, a jilted lover doesn't ask for forgiveness, they're asked to forgive. What are they talking about? How long have I been asleep?

Well, I think he'd help our club. What even sounds stupid! But...what if....he joins our Sox in July, and we're 7 games back, looking for a dependable guy to add to the rotation. And he does exactly that!
Just curious, Jer...take care.....I remember too well his years of greatness before the fool (DD) invited him to leave. Oh, by the fool, you know who I mean. See above.
Take care...just my eight cents. Peter
Right, you remember his years of greatness in Boston, as do I. But do you remember the many years in between then and now? I don't understand. I also don't understand why your side is the majority in this debate.
Roger at 45 could break down:

He did for awhile in Y2K;

He admitted that it takes much-longer for him to recover between starts.
For what it's worth, Jere, I'm with you.

I know he continued to pitch well after he left the Yankees...but folks also have to take into consideration he was pitching in the NL. Add to that his age, the baggage that comes with him and the fact that he is, indeed, a giant do-che. Well, who the hell wants him?
Lay off the Hybernol, dude...we taped the Super Bowl for you. Roger reminds me of this girl Michelle Stokely from my junior high...everybody thought she was so hot because she got boobs before everyone else, and all the guys used to follow her around. For some reason, she acted like she liked me, awkward little skaterat that I was, and she'd ask to borrow my Gotcha bands and my three (oh my god!!!) swatches...she'd borrow them for like half the day, act like she liked me so much, complain to me about all the attention she was getting, etc...then on Friday nights at the dances after football games and such, she'd never dance with me, only with this douche named Scott Michaels, the JV quarterback. Then on Monday she'd want to borrow my shit again. Guys like Scott Michaels and the Yankees can go fuck themselves. So can Michelle Stokely. God, three Swatches at one time...what was I thinking...
One word: OLD.
Nice call, everyone. F Scott Michaels.
The thing that's always annoyed me about the post-Clemens Era is that, on one hand, they've never had the guts to issue #21 to another player, but on the other, they were constantly giving out Dwight Evans' #24 long before Manny arrived. Absolutely ridiculous...Dewey did far more to honor that Sox uniform than Duh Rock-et ever did. And you know Lucchino and the Dentist are dying to retire #21 the first chance they get. I would hope that if Clemens goes back to the Yanks and sticks it to us one more time (like I expect him to), that this pathetic sucking up to him finally ends once and for all.
AJM, IT WILL! But he won't. I'd be willing to bet Jere's blog! Kidding, because we should all get along. If he goes to the pinstripes (nope, never happen...I'd stake everything on it) I'd be shocked. Hoenst Abe....err...Peter
And Dewey shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence! Just my opinion.
"And Dewey shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence! Just my opinion."

As a player in general, no...I agree that Clemens is a clear-cut Hall of Famer, while Dewey falls a little shy of that distinction.

But as far as their specific importance to Sox fans and to Sox history, I think it's just the opposite: there, Clemens doesn't belong in the same sentence with Evans. Dwight Evans gave his heart and soul to the Sox for 18 years, made himself into a great player over the years, and played great in two World Series for the Sox. Clemens, on the other hand, vaguely remembers that he used to pitch here.
I'd rather finish 3rd without Fat Billy From Ohio than finish 1st with him.

I'm with you, Jere. I'm overflowing with disgust for him. (And I also have no problem knowing he is one of the best pitchers of all-time.)
Nice job, redsock. I applaud you.

And Dewey did indeed rule.

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