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'06-'07 Quiz XIV

What hasn't happened in Major League Baseball since September 26, 1971? Be specific.

[Clue, 1/24/07: It has to do with two players and their last names.]

[Clue, 2/4/07: It was the last time it happened in one game as well as being the last time it happened overall. The game in question is the Dodgers-Braves game.]

4 pitchers on the same team combining for 20 wins.
Not exactly sure what you mean. But not close to what I was thinking of.
On that day Jim Palmer became the fourth Oriole pitcher to win 20 games that year, and no team has had 4 20-game winners since. But it's something else? Hmmmm...
Oh I see. I confused myself by forgetting that I didn't tell you what game it's referring to from that day. But, yeah, that's not what I was going for.
How about the last time the Sox played a team from Washington in Fenway Park?
It was the last time the Sox played an American League franchise from Washington in Fenway Park. The Nationals played in Fenway last season. It was also the last time the Sox played an American League franchise from Washington, period.

From the looks of it, I think it was the last time three players who each had over 500 lifetime homers hit a hr (Mays, Aaron, Killebrew)...four if you count Reggie, who crossed the 500 threshold much later.
True about what AJM said about an AL team from Washington. But the answer I'm looking for is much nerdier, and isn't Red Sox-related. Don't know about the 500 HR thing...
Last time a player named "Gomer" appeared?
Gomer Hodge did play his last game that day. Not what I'm looking for. There may be many right answers, but who will be the one who sees what I see?
It was the last time a rookie broke into the majors as a Washington Senator.
Washington pitcher, Denny McLain, lost his 22nd game of the season. No other pitcher has ever lost that many since(?).
Okay, let's get the entire city of Washington, D.C. out of our heads.
Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?

Is it the number of HOF's (Bench, Rose, Marichal, McCovey, Mays) in the same game?

Tim McCarver had 2 PO's - last time he did something positive?
Mmmm...nope. I have to say no one's been close yet.
i think you're going to have to give a ton of partial credit on this one, since several of us have correctly answered the question that was asked....the Palmer 20 win milestone in particular seems historically significant.
"Ernie Banks gets his 2,583rd hit,"

I suppose TECHNICALLY this never happened again in MLB history ... since you can only get your 2,5583rd hit once ... it was also his last hit ...
Yep...I noticed that was Ernie Banks' final game. A lot of stuff happened on that day of note beyond whatever Jere is looking for.
Right, you have to get what I was thinking of. The Ernie Banks thing proves my point. SO does the three people in my kitchen thing. That you could answer "correctly," but to get the "answer" you have to think of what I was thinking of.

Another clue: It's not about baseball statistics. It's even nerdier
The Trotmeister signed with the Tribe:
Tom Seaver pitched a helluva game that day...complete game one-hitter:

New York Mets IP H R ER BB SO HR
Seaver W(19-10) 9 1 1 1 1 10 0
Trot a grinning savage? That was my prediction! Wasn't it? I think I told someone that.... don't know if I wrote it on the blog, though. I'm pretty sure I always thought he'd end up there. (It was a random guess, but still....)
You know, I think my 8 year old friend told me about upcoming changes to the movie ratings system on that date.
That Sunday, every team in the league played, and they ALL played day games. It was the last time that happened, where every team played, and they all played during the day. After that, on any day that featured every team playing, there was at least one night game. Make sense?
There's no way that's possible. There were never regular Sunday night games until ESPN starting doing one. Example: May 28th, 1972, and most weekend days, especially Sundays, for a decade after that.

I think maybe you were just going for the "say it with confidence and it'll sound true." Maybe? Either way, no points for that one.
Well it made as much sense as asking us to guess some 25-year-old made up letter combination that may or may not be based on reality or a faulty memory...
In the Braves-Dodgers game that day, there was an ump named Shag Crawford...not an answer, just funny...wasn't that Steve Crawford's nickname with the Sox in the '80's?
Yeah, I always thought that was a funny nickname. I'm pretty sure he got it because of that old ump.

Speaking of that thing...the 8-year old has been asked. He doesn't remember. I'll also post this at that quiz for historical purposes.
Ok, a point of clarification (some might call it a 'clue'):

Are you talking about something that happened in one specific game that day, or something about the day overall?
It's something that happened on that day. It's both, actually. It was the last time this happened on one day, and it just happens to be the last time it happened in a game.
Not what you're looking for, I think, but here's another tidbit for the day. In the last big league games at Jarry Park, the Phillies beat the Expos, 4 - 1, in the first game of a doubleheader to clinch the National League East title. Philly takes the nitecap, 2 - 1. Following the 2nd game, Dick Allen jumps the team in protest of the fact that veteran Tony Taylor is not listed on the post-season roster.
The bottom of the Oakland lineup featured two colors:

Dick Green batting 8th
Vida Blue batting 9th
Interesting, Dan. And no it's not what I was looking for.

AJM--also interesting, but that has to have happened since then. Maybe not, though. Still, not what I'm looking for.

My next clue, eventually, will be the game to focus on.
Oooh! Oooh!

In the A's/Brewers game, Epstein played 1B and Auerbach played 2B.

I don't know if that's it, but I thought it was cool.
Sorry. Not it.
Is it the last time two players with the last name "May" both struck out looking in the same game, for different teams?
It very well could be. Not what I'm looking for.
(invoking the no guess in 24 hour rule)...

Would this have something to do with Ron Fairley and Jim Fairey? (With the almost rhyming Bob Bailey thrown in between them for good measure...also the team featuring Rusty Staub and Boots Day...a great name team if ever there was one...)

I have no idea what the last thing to happen on this day was, but the Expos definitely get some sort of award...
Hey, didn't you just invent that rule? Anyway, none of that is what I'm going for.
The two players at the very beginning of the Base Encyclopedia (Hank Aaron and Tommy Aaron) played in the same game. This was Tommy's final game.
Make that "Baseball Encyclopedia", of course.

Alternatively, you could just refer to them at the two major leaguers at the beginning of the alphabet.
Right. The last time the two guys who were the ALL-TIME top two, alphabetically, played in the same lineup, played for the same team, played in the same game, played at all, on the same day.

A few times since, I believe, the top two ACTIVE at the time alphabetically have played in the same game, including 8/10/81 Glen Abbot and Don Aase. But I never completed that research. Jim and Kurt Abbott and Jeff Abbots may be involved somehow as well.

Point totals will be .1 for everyone and the rest for AJM. Probably. I have to add it up. Later.

Nice job, AJM.
Thank you, Jere.

David Aardsma has subsequently jumped above Hank Aaron at the top of the alphabet. If he and Andy Abad were to appear in a game together this summer, it would be the first time the top two active guys played each other in a while.
Yeah, Aardsma needs to get a family member into the league for a chance at the top two of all-time playing together again.
Dan, Quinn, pweezil, save, Kara, Novella, Matty: 0.1 each.

AJM: 4.3 points.

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