Friday, January 12, 2007

'06-'07 Quiz XIII

What former Red Sox announcer had a dog called Patches?

Jon Miller
Nope. Of course, they all could've had a dog named Patches. But unless you provide a "proof of patches," no credit. (Or if you guess the one I'm thinking of.)
Your 8-year-old friend told me that Jon Miller had a dog named patches once at the movies.

Curt Gowdy

And no on Gowdy.
Jerry Trupiano
Ken Coleman
No Trup, no on my all-time fave.
Bob Montgomery
No on my favorite, cult hero-wise.
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Sorry for the computer locked bad...
Sean McDonough
No on Seanny McDonough (sing in "Molly McButter" style).

Peter--when you're signed into blogger you can go back to any of your comments and delete them by clicking on the little trash can that appears next to it. Also, you might as well take a guess!
Whoops. Deleted your original comment. Everyone: it was Peter saying he had no guess.
Ned Martin
Dick Stockton
Bob Murphy

ps: I like the Seanny McDonough/Molly McButter song... and, no, I am not trying to get "sucking up tenths."
No Mercy, No on the guy who announced that Saints game last nite, no on Liiine Driiive caught by number fiiive. Yeah we always used to sing Sean's name that way.
Jim Woods
Hawk Harrelson
Hawk Harrelson falls into that Bucky F. Dent Category of "Guys I Though of But Didn't Want to Guess Because They're Such Major Assclowns".

So I really hope it's not him.
No Remy, no Woods, no Hawk.
Johnny Pesky
Mel Parnell
No on Paveskovich, no on Parneskovich.
Bob Starr
No on the late Starr.
Frankie Frisch for the win. I have proof.
The Fordham Flash? Don't you also need to provide proof that he was a Red Sox announcer?

Bob Kurtz
Ok...I looked up Frisch. He did have a dog named patches, he did radio announcing for the Giants in the 50's, and he eventually moved to Rhode Island.

But I don't see any evidence that he was a Sox announcer.
Yes, it is the Fordham Flash, Frankie Frisch. According to redsoxdiehard, he announced the Sox on radio for the 1939 season, along with Tom Hussey. This can also be found on the wikipedia page for "Red Sox Announcers." Also, it's Wikipedia that talks about his two hounds he had later in life, one named Patches.

As for proof of the '39 season, I can't find any other mention of this, but the history of his career showed he was a player-manager from '33-'37, then just a manager in '38. Then he started managing a different team in 1940. So there's a year where he wasn't in the dugout, which makes it believable he was in the booth that year. That and the fact that he announced in the late 40s between two managing stints.

I'm gonna throw a tenth Amy's way for guessing my all-time favorite. The other 4.9 goes to Savethejellyfish.

Looks like I was signed in under someone else's name at one point above. Whoops. Fitting that STJ won this since he once answered a quiz question under aome other name by accident.
Wow, that's really bizarre. I was actually using this page:

as the source for all my guesses, and I didn't notice Frisch's name on that list until just now. Guess I just figured he was still busy managing in the thirties. Ah well.

By the way, there's a very interesting page about Frisch's broadcasting career at the Hall of Fame website:
which makes no mention of his working for the Sox.
Yeah, the Redsoxdiehard link is how this quiz came about. I noticed Frisch's name on there and was surprised. I figured asking a question about a Red Sox announcer, with that announcer being him, might be hard. Worked out nicely.

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