Saturday, December 02, 2006


What excitement. After being away from a computer from last night at 8:30 until this morning, I checked my inbox to find a virtual thrill ride of e-mails. I read along with Joy of Sox's comments from last night, as the Canadian Blog Awards voting came to a close.

At around 11:20 PM (the voting closed at midnight), the lead, which had been 105 ten hours earlier...was down to ONE vote. The folks over at Battle of Alberta were using tactics shadier than ours, and almost pulled it off. But, amazingly, the Joy camp staved off the attack, and won going away, 685-673.


This, assuming we were following the right horse, since the results were blind. But my team of investigators confirmed--three separate times--that Joy was indeed in the lead. I just hope JoyBoy was accurately tracking the count when the lead was down to one. (In fact, looking at Alberta's info, they think they took the lead at some point. Joy, are you sure you tracked it perfectly?)

Official results to be posted Sunday at 9 PM eastern here.

They think they led? Does that mean they think they won? Hmmm, well they think they were chasing RaptorBlog, too.

I was watching it pretty closely, as you can see, and I'm as positive as I can be that the lead never changed hands. (Plus, a Bush nephew called me and told me the news.)

Though when I read Laura's comment of amazement that I called it on my own blog, I get a wee bit nervous.

Don't need a "Dewey Defeats Joy" headline Sunday night.
Okay, let's just say you won. Positive thinking.


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