Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What I Do

Dial up the Wikipedia--it's official. The same hat appears on two different Seinfeld characters three seasons apart. Any boob knows that Brian Doyle-Murray, as the father of the bubble boy (The Bubble Boy, season 4, 10/7/92), wears a tan baseball hat that says "W 73." But then I noticed about a month ago that the man that Kramer high-fives after he struts down the street in his pimp outfit (The Wig Master, season 7, 4/4/96) seems to be wearing the same W 73 hat. That episode was on again tonight, and I confirmed it.

Maybe the bubble boy's dad, being a trucker who often passes through New York City, stopped there once, decided he'd had enough of the hat, and gave it to a thrift store, or left it on the street. Three years later it ended up in the hands of the dude who sits on the sidewalk waiting for dudes to walk by dressed as pimps and gets all excited and happy about it.

Double-ironically, right after I thought I spotted the W 73 hat in November, the Michael Richard incident happened, and one of the YouTube Seinfeld parody videos featured that very clip of Kramer high-fiving the guy--who was black. I tried to check for the W 73 in that video, but it was too hard to tell with the resolution being at YouTube level. (Hey, technology people, how about getting on that. We all want perfect quality video streaming on the web. Why can't you just make that happen? Is there a hold-up over at the Internet Factory or something?)


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