Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tom Theft

I heard a disturbing line by Ben Stiller on a preview for his new museum movie. I searched it on the web and found the exact line in a review of the movie:
Night At The Museum is rollicking good fun, setting up the characters quickly and concisely before plunging poor Larry into the midst of his museum nightmare ("This is so not worth 11.50 an hour!")
Uh, hello? A little too close to Winston Zeddemore's "This job's definitely not worth eleven-five a year" from Ghostbusters. Don't ya think?

Actually, I read somewhere else that Ben is a huge fan of Ghostbusters. So it's probably a tribute. Okay, it's cool, then. Wow, I'm amazed, and I'm not easily amazed. How you can start a post with one kind of expectation and end up so completely different.


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